Getting Started (Business Studies)

Economics and Business empowers students to shape their social and economic futures and to contribute to the development of prosperous, sustainable and equitable Australian and global economies.

The Year 9 Commerce program provides students with the opportunity to develop their financial literacy skills. Students explore the way markets work (both locally and globally), their rights and responsibilities as consumers and as future workers/entrepreneurs.

The course aims to help students make informed decisions that can be translated into life, work and business and promote an understanding of work and business environments.

Areas to be covered will include: 

  • Spending, saving, earning and investing
  • Financial life skills and getting ready for independent living
  • Sound financial management and budgeting
  • Impacts of financial decision-making by individuals, businesses and governments
  • Rights and responsibilities of consumers
  • The role of markets in influencing the decisions of consumers and businesses
  • Alternative investment opportunities
  • Good and bad debt and the risks of over indebtedness
  • Current and future developments in the world of work
  • Small and large business

Learning outcomes:

  • An in-depth budgeting assignment
  • A case study on financial management
  • A folio of financial and independent living tasks

Links to VCE Studies

This unit will develop background skills that can be extended in the following VCE subjects:

  • Business Management
  • Economics

Contact Teacher - Lynsey Betts