Revolutions, Convicts and War (History)

Revolutions, Convicts and War follows the development from the Industrial Revolution to Australia’s experiences to 1918. Emphasis is placed on the social and economic changes created by the Industrial Revolution and the Australian experience of the Great War.

This unit will focus on developing skills related to History, Civics, Economics and Business Studies.

Areas to be covered will include: 

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The development of Australia 1788-1918
  • Australia at war 1914-1918

Learning Tasks.

  • A case study of Inventions, Innovation or, Working Conditions
  • An essay on Australia’s involvement in World War 1
  • A folio of class exercises

Links to VCE Studies.

This unit will develop skills and background knowledge that can be extended in the following VCE subjects:

  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • History
  • Legal Studies

Contact Teacher - David Finlayson