Year 9 Program

The Year 9 curriculum plan consists of three compulsory/core units.
Students complete two semesters of each subject.

Subjects Sessions/week
English 5
Mathematics 5
Physical Education and Health/Sports Academy 5


Electives - Student Choice - 5 sessions
Students must choose six (6) elective subjects as indicated on the subject selection form. Students are encouraged to choose broadly.

  • You cannot choose more than 2 subjects from a Domain.
  • You need to select from at least 3 Domains.

Languages as an Elective
Italian is a semester long subject that may be taken in either Semester 1 or 2. If you are considering the possibility of pursuing your languages study at VCE, it is highly recommended that you choose two semesters of Italian in order to be adequately prepared for Year 10 and beyond.