Dear Students and Parents,

Progression into Year 9 marks a point in the development of our students, where they can begin to exercise more control in the direction of their learning. At this level, students begin to think about their future educational pathways and how these might link with their talents and interests.

Year 9 provides a more mature learning environment, where students accept greater responsibility for their education and the curriculum is more flexible. Students along with their parents design their own program, which will prepare them for post compulsory education and training.

The Year 9 curriculum framework at Diamond Valley College ensures that students not only undertake core subjects that provide them with skills necessary for cognitive and personal development, it also enables them to select from a range of electives.

Students’ sense of purpose and commitment is increased when they are given the opportunity to choose the subjects that they will study, so it is important that they make well-considered selections. Decisions should be based on their future directions/career, subject descriptions and information from teachers and parents rather than on hearsay or choosing the same subjects as a friend.

The Year 9 program has an emphasis on developing the whole person. Leadership opportunities, sporting activities, work experience and other co-curricular programs, such as the year level camp and City Campus experience are available to extend the students and enrich their learning.

Our aim is to ‘set students up for success’ and this success has its foundations in a supportive environment and in a purposeful and challenging course of study. Students need to know why they are pursuing particular courses of learning and take the opportunity to select units of study that will stretch and broaden their skills. With this in mind, it is hoped that this handbook assists students and parents in selecting their subjects for a successful Year 9 course.

Junior Sub-school Team