The Future is Now

In this subject you will have the opportunity to work within an individualised program, some of you may choose to work in pairs or groups also, catering to your interests and skill development in problem solving, creativity and design thinking skills. You will research and generate ideas around environmental issues, sustainability, waste management, future cities and other themes and concepts of your choosing. This unit gives students the opportunity to work across different subject areas, drawing on knowledge and skills from each to create solutions to real-world problems. You will get to work both manually and digitally to create designs and ideas that matter to you and your future.

Successful completion of this subject may involve the following:

  • Up to date and neatly presented Visual Diary that contains research, notes, drawings of trial designs, techniques and visual references
  • Online documentation and coding
  • Completion of mock ups and presentations of design ideas
  • Finished products or prototypes

You are expected to supply basic equipment as per the book list.

This unit is designed to prepare students for a range of subjects at VCE.

Contact Teacher - Selina Braine & Richard Fox