Safe Driver Education

* This is a Material Intensive Elective. Confirmed enrolment in this Elective is conditional on payment of the Material Intensive charge of $170.

The Safe Driving Education Program is aimed at developing an understanding of the physical, social, psychological, moral and legal factors, which influence the individual’s behaviour in a road traffic environment.

The content of the course includes road laws, media issues regarding responsibility of the licensed driver on the road, basic car maintenance, road craft skills*, the transport network, purchasing a car, positive and negative risk-taking, consuming alcohol and road safety, basic first aid as well as road trauma and its causes.  

*The practical component will be off campus and will be a compulsory section of the course.

To ensure a placement in this subject is locked in, payment of this cost (or alternative arrangements made with the College Business Manager) must be completed before the start of the semester.

On receipt of the elective fee, a 40 page pocket book will be issued at the start of the semester.

Class and Practical Work Requirements

  • Maintain a work book of all theory classes 
  • Complete set assignments, which display an understanding of the major topics, related to driving 
  • Display a reasonable understanding of the road laws from the Victorian Road traffic handbook: “Road to Solo Driving”
  • Participate in the practical driving lessons (off campus with a private provider)

Contact Teacher - Murray Knight