High Resolves Global Leadership Program

High Resolves has a material intensive charge of $20.00.

Is there something in the school that drives you crazy? Are you sick of everyone being stressed around exam time, seeing people with body image issues, people being bullied, rubbish all over the school, or something else? The High Resolves Global Leadership program will give you the chance to take action on some sort of social injustice within the school and make real change while learning a range of leadership skills that you can use throughout your life.

In year 9 the High Resolves Global Leadership Program includes 2 full days of leadership training, at the beginning of the semester, which will equip you with a range of important leadership skills that will help you now and in the future, including in employment. Following on from that you will investigate social issues within the school and choose one to take action on. Your action project will be whatever you choose it to be as long is it takes action on your chosen issue, will involve an inquiry-based learning journey, and will directly positively impact your school community.

This project will be facilitated by an experienced Program Manager from High Resolves and hopefully supported by a number of experienced business mentors to help make the project as successful as possible.

The program will finish with an inspiring Annual Leadership Summit with other students from across the state at the University of Melbourne in term 4.

To successfully complete this unit, students are expected to:

  • Develop leadership and conflict resolution skills
  • Know how to influence others to make a positive change in the school
  • Play an active role in designing and running a School Action Project
  • Fully participate in all sessions with the High Resolves Program Manager and Mentors

Contact Teacher - Sasha Hardie