Exploring the World of Music

The Year 10 Music program provides a balanced course involving performance, creativity and academic challenge. It enables students to be involved with music as a leisure pursuit, an interest, an academic study in its own right or as a career.

Music is experienced through three learning outcomes:

  • Aurally and visually analysing and responding to music
  • Reading and writing music
  • Creating music through composition and performance
  • Music research

The course covers key concepts and skills through the three core learning outcomes. It is envisaged that opportunity to further study music through VET/VCAL or VCE Performance or Music Styles will be developed. Students who participate in the college’s instrumental program are strongly encouraged to elect music studies beyond Year 8.

A sample of the units offered is listed below, but these are continually developed to best meet the needs of the student.

Music in society

Famous composers are real people. We study their works and explore their relevance to today’s music while developing our skills. We study the development of popular music from Broadway, rock and roll the protest music of the 60’s through to the present day as we discover the part played by music in social justice.

Aurally and visually analyse and respond to music

This enables students to develop their problem solving and communication skills, both oral and written through analysing the various musical styles they see and hear.

Creating music

Students develop their self-confidence, independent learning and teamwork skills through a programme of participation in and direction of vocal and instrumental performance. With peer and teacher support students are enabled to explore and express themselves through music.

Music Research

Students develop research techniques and independent learning skills through a selected research topic that explores and describes in detail the role and impact of music in society. 

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