Textiles: Fashion by Design

* This is a Material Intensive Elective. Confirmed enrolment in this Elective is conditional on payment of the Material Intensive charge of $30.

In this elective, students will take on the role of a Textile/Fashion designer. Students undertake the Product Design Process by INVESTIGATING, RESEARCHING and GENERATING ideas, PRODUCING high quality products and EVALUATING their work. Students are required to produce an A3 design folio. They will be assessed on their practical and theory work. 

The three major practical units explored during the semester are:

  • RECYCLED FASHION: Students redesign a pre-loved or recycled garment and decorate it producing a contemporary, unique wearable outfit or decorative product.
  • PRODUCT DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION: Students learn to construct an outfit using a commercial pattern.
  • TEXTILE PRINTING: Students are exposed to printing techniques

Throughout this elective, students will be exposed to garment construction, fashion illustration, printing and decorative techniques and processes. Students are encouraged to work on independent projects later in the semester when they choose what to make. A community based project will enable students to produce a product for an end user's specific needs.

Students are expected to have their own sewing kit. They may be required to purchase their own fabric for specific products. This elective prepares students who wish to study VCE Product Design and Technology:Textiles

Contact Teacher - Barbara Chiodo