Wood & Metal

* This is a Material Intensive Elective. Confirmed enrolment in this Elective is conditional on payment of the Material Intensive charge of $30.

In this elective, students take on the role of a product designer.

Students strengthen and develop their skills in using wood and metal. Students will refine their use of hand tools and strengthen their skills in the safe use of machinery.

The opportunity is there to produce a range of functional products. This elective involves a theory and practical component. Students are expected to maintain a design folio and are encouraged to use their creativity when using a variety of materials. Research and design even involves the use of computer aided drawing programs. The folio explores the product design process through investigating, designing, producing and evaluating.

Class work

  • Students will be encouraged to work with wood and metal.
  • A variety of wood and metal related techniques will be learned.
  • Students will learn to demonstrate the correct and safe usage of hand power tools and machinery.
  • When working with metal, they will be exposed to advanced metal fastening and fabrication techniques (i.e. welding, spot welding, etc)
  • Students are expected to maintain an A3 design folio and complete written tasks as part of their overall assessment

This elective prepares students who wish to undertake VCE Product Design and Technology: (Materials: Wood & Metal).

Contact Teacher - Claire Lee Technology Domain