Poverty and Wealth (Business)

Poverty and Wealth will look at aspects of Australia’s Economy and Business sectors. How do we wish to create a healthy economy that creates wealth? What are the factors that create poverty and how do we address these issues as a society?

Areas to be covered will include: 

  • The Australian Economy
  • Measuring economic success or failure
  • Participation in the economy
  • Employment unemployment
  • Living standards
  • Government Policy
  • World Trends
  • The world of business.
  • Innovation and invention.
  • Making Wealth.

Learning Tasks

  • An Investigation of an issue
  • A formal essay
  • An exam

Links to VCE Studies

This unit will develop skills and background knowledge that can be extended in the following VCE subjects:

  • Economics
  • History
  • Legal Studies

Contact Teacher - David Finlayson