Dear Students and Parents,

In Year 10 students at Diamond Valley College become part of the senior school where the key values of respect, excellence and responsibility remain paramount to the college ethos. Students have reached an important milestone in their lives when they consider their education in terms of essential requirements for their future pathway and career.

This Handbook contains all the information you need to choose your course for next year. It outlines the Year 10 Curriculum offered at the college from all Domains. It also provides information about enhancement studies where students can access VCE subjects as part of their program.

The teachers have developed a curriculum that will meet the educational needs of students whilst at the same time, engage them in positive and interesting learning. The Year 10 curriculum has been aligned to the senior program to give students optimal opportunities to achieve their personal best in their learning.

Any uncertainty about career direction or subject choice should be directed to the Careers Co-ordinator or the Senior Sub-school staff. College staff members are always available to assist students with their pathway planning. The senior sub-school team, home group teachers and the careers staff will continue to support students through to their final placement in a tertiary course, apprenticeship, training or employment.

We do hope that you enjoy your journey over the next few years.

Senior Sub-School Team