Expectations of Students


The Senior Sub School at Diamond Valley College includes Year 10 and the VCE/VCAL Years 11 and 12. Students enrolled in the Senior School are expected to display high standards of behaviour and due to their senior position in the school act as appropriate role models to junior students.

General Information

Students are expected to take considerable responsibility for their learning by participating actively in and reflecting upon their academic work.

It is their responsibility:

  • To meet attendance requirements for all classes
  • To work constructively and purposefully in all classes
  • To be punctual to school and class
  • To complete all set work in the prescribed way by the due date
  • To ensure that all work is their own
  • To find out about and complete the work missed through absence
  • To use their College Planner in an effective manner
  • To manage their study and research time effectively outside school contact hours. In year 10 this is expected to be 1-2 hours minimum per subject per week.