Enhancement Studies - Advanced Placements

Enhancement Studies are available to students in the form of Advanced Placement Subjects.

What is an Advanced Placement Subject?

An Advanced Placement subject is any VCE subject, Vocational Education and Training (VET) course not taught at Diamond Valley College or a School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeships.

Who can do Advanced Placement Subject?

Students who meet criteria related to high levels of achievement, application and organisation may be offered enrolment in one Advanced Placement subject.

  1. Teacher recommendation ( teacher of the equivalent year 9 subject or from the Domain area of the subject.
  2. Grade average of B in the Domain area of the subject. This should include at least one A in the subject.
  3. Students to have an average “consistently” comment in the Attitude to Learning section of their reports.
  4. Attendance greater than 90%

Final enrolment will be dependent on there being a place in the Year 11 class and whether the blocking is compatible with the student’s other Year 10 subject choices.

Is it done in addition to Year 10 studies?

The Advanced Placement subject would replace a Year 10 study.

What are the advantages of undertaking an Advanced Placement Subject?

Students gain valuable experience in working at a higher level and face the challenge of attempting a new study. Students gain an extra subject that will contribute towards their ATAR SCORE providing they complete Unit 3 & 4 of the study in the future.

How do you find out more about VCE studies?

Check the VCE handbook for detailed information on all VCE subjects. Copies are available from the Senior School office, library or download a copy from the College Website: www.dvallcoll.vic.edu.au

What are the choices for Advanced Placement students?

Subjects offered to Year 10 students will depend on the availability of places after selections by Year 11 students. Year 10 students are not accepted for advanced placement in Mathematics, Art, Visual Communication, Chemistry, Physics and English.

What do you have to do in the meantime?

Think about your future. Find out about different courses on offer at universities and TAFE Colleges. Research the many different subjects. Ask students who are doing an Advance Placement subject this year what it’s like. Demonstrate your abilities by working hard in Year 9 and gain good results.

When do you know if you have been accepted into an Advanced Placement subject?

Enrolment will be confirmed before the Year 11 Orientation program late in term four. Students undertaking an Advanced Placement subject will need to attend this program.