Key Terms in VCE

Assessing School The school responsible for providing the assessment for a student through VASS.
ATAR (formerly ENTER) Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank
Australian Quality Training Framework A national regulatory framework to ensure the provision of a nationally consistent high quality vocational education and training system.
Competency Vocational education and training is based on units of competence that are identified by industry as specific occupational skills or generic work competencies.
Coursework Coursework assesses each student's overall level of achievement on the assessment tasks designated in the study design. Results of coursework count towards a student’s study score and ATAR.
Derived Examination Score Provision available for students who have missed an examination or whose examination performance has been impaired due to illness or other serious cause.
Extra Requirements Some courses require more than just an ATAR for entry. Can include folios, UMAT, VETASSESS, interviews, attendance at information session.
GAT General Achievement Test: All students undertaking a Unit 3 & 4 subject must sit the GAT.
Home School The major school of the student
Host School The school responsible for coordinating an examination centre
Indicative Examination Grades Where students have applied for special consideration, the school is required to provide VCAA with an indication of the students’ capabilities to perform in that assessment.
Learning Outcomes Assesses what the student must know or be able to do, in order to satisfactorily complete a unit as specified in the study design.
Local Learning and Employment Networks Networks established across Victoria to support young people’s connections with local education and training organizations, employers and community groups.
Middle Band Re-ranking of applicants according to performance in specified subjects. SEAS application may also be consider. Some courses only.
MIPs/CAP Managed Individual Pathway/Career Action Plans
Pedagogy The educational and delivery principles that underpin the design and delivery of VCE and VCAL programs
Post Compulsory Sector The Post Compulsory Sector includes accredited training delivered at schools, TAFE institutes and Adult and Community Education organizations and RTOs.
Prerequisite Subjects Many University courses list subjects that students must take during their VCE. Failure to successfully complete these subjects to the required level will mean a student cannot apply for that university course.
Range of Criteria Institutions will consider broader aspects of student through the completion of: interviews, personal information forms, essay
Rank Order Students are placed in order of their scores within a moderation group, which usually includes all students in a study in the school.
Registered Training Organisation An organisation which is registered and approved to deliver Vocational Education and Training programs within a defined Scope of Registration.
SAT School Assessed Task: Usually completed in Art or Technology subjects this is an extra task which students work on over a period of time. At unit 3 & 4 level this makes up part of the study score.
School Assessed Coursework (SAC) Made up of a number of assessment tasks and used to assess the unit learning outcomes.
SEAS Special Entry Access Scheme
School-based Apprenticeships & Traineeships Structured training arrangements, usually involving on and off the job training, for a person employed under an apprenticeship/traineeship training contract. These may include apprenticeship, part time apprenticeships or traineeships.
Special Provisions Arrangements that are made to allow students who are experiencing significant hardships the maximum opportunity to demonstrate both what they know and what they can do.
Study Score Student’s overall achievements for each study are calculated as a study score on a scale of 0 to 50.
Study Design A study design for each VCE study is published by the VCAA. It sets the content teachers must teach and informs teachers of how students’ work is to be assessed. All schools and staff must follow the study design and students must have demonstrated the outcomes listed.
School-Assessed Tasks Assessments used in studies where products and models are assessed, eg in Art, Studio Arts
UMAT Extra requirement for student considering university study in areas like medicine and dentistry
Unit of competence Unit of competence means the specification of knowledge and skills and the application of that knowledge and skills to the standard of performance expected in the workplace.
VASS VCE Administrative Software System Communicates enrolment and assessment data to VCAA
VCAA Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority-Governing body of VCE and VCAL
VCAL Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning-An accredited senior secondary school qualification undertaken by students in Years 11 and 12.
VET Vocational Education and Training - may be included in the calculation of ATAR
VET ASSESS Literacy and Numeracy test applied to some students looking to enter course, frequently a requirement for Nursing courses.
VTAC Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre is responsible for the administration of a joint selection system for undergraduate courses on behalf of Victorian Universities, TAFE Institutions and other providers, including interstate tertiary institutions and private providers. VTAC does not select applicants. Selection is the responsibility of institutional course selection authorities.
Written Examinations Term applied to the June and November written and externally assessed tests.